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Ship Vehicles - Young Brothers

Young Brothers transports all forms of wheeled vehicles, including those listed below:

We have the carrying capacity to transport other unique and oversized wheeled vehicles. Please contact us for additional information.

Where Do I Begin?

Start by planning your shipments as soon as possible.
Reservations are REQUIRED to ship your vehicle.


As stated in Tariff 5A, an “Automobile” is defined as:


All Other Roll-On/Roll-Off Cargo

Vehicles not fitting the definition above may be shipped through alternative methods and rates, such as a Roll-On/Roll-Off (RO/RO) shipment, or as a platform shipment. For information and rates on platform shipments, please visit our “Ship Goods” section.

The definition of Roll-On/Roll-Off (RO/RO) Cargo is
“To include but not limited to all types of trailers, construction and farm vehicles, buses, recreational vehicles (RV), cargo vans, trucks or any vehicle over 6,500 pounds.” Vehicles falling under this category will need to provide length, width, height and weight when making a reservation.”

Here are some simple steps to follow when shipping a vehicle with Young Brothers: