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Commitment to the Environment - Young Brothers
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Commitment to the Environment

Our commitment to the environment is another top priority, and we tackle it in big and small ways. These measures are not just good for the environment, they’re good for business. Improving turn times, for example, means we use less fuel and generate less pollution. With every trip, we aim for the most efficient use of barge and container capacity. We invest in new vessel and shoreside technologies with an eye on reducing emissions and mitigating impacts on sensitive marine life. Our regular maintenance and repair schedules optimize equipment lifetimes and reduce waste.

We also follow strict protocols in the transfer and storage of any potential pollutants to safeguard against stormwater pollution. We also work closely with Hawai’i Department of Agriculture and conservation organizations to prevent the transport of invasive species between islands. Our proactive environmental efforts in these areas have been recognized by Hawaiʻi’s leaders and government agencies.

To see how our solar photovoltaic (PV) system performs, visit our electricity production monitoring page here